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  • Who are we?
    is a website developed for
    “For Sale by Owners”
  • Our Mission
    We help people sell their homes on their
    own, without agents, so they can keep
    the Tens of Thousands they have
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  • How do we
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    We drive buyers to your
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We were amazed how quickly we got the results our agents couldn't. We had 4 offers and sold in 30 days!"
Gina M.
Agency paperwork makes it too confusing, and sacrificing 6% off the top for commissions is too much. For a nominal sign-up fee, you owe it to yourself to check out"
Scott B.
It really is that easy

Finding a home for sale has never been easier. Using fsboTECH you will find homes that are ‘For Sale By Owner’ (fsbo) meaning the sales price does not have to include an additional 6% for a real estate agent. And, you can schedule visits to view homes, make an Offer or Counter-offer, use our simple 2 page Purchase Agreement and have your sale sent directly to a title and escrow company to complete.....all on our app and with the touch of a button!

Finally, a way for you to get your home in front of millions of people and have everything you need to actually complete the sale on your own. We will feature your home on our site and we will automatically send your listing to other sites like Zillow and Trulia for added exposure. Then, when you have a Buyer, just negotiate the details right here on our app and complete our simple 2 page Purchase Agreement. Touch one last button and your documents are sent to escrow. Yes, it really is that easy!

We all know that people are finding their own homes by browsing the internet. Then, most times you have to contact a real estate agent to see the home. Not so with fsboTECH. We are putting Buyers and Sellers in direct communication with each other and giving them the ability to schedule home viewings, make Offers and Counter-offers, and complete our simple 2 page Purchase Agreement....all on our app. No longer will a 6% premium have to be built into a house you buy to pay commission to a real estate agent. So, let’s get started!