About Us

fsboTECH,LLC (‘fsboTECH’) was founded to both help the For Sale By Owner (‘fsbo’) real estate marketplace and also to revolutionalize the way real estate is bought and sold. By giving people tools to effectively market their own homes, beautiful and professional photography, and hands-on professional help with hosting Open Houses homes, fsboTECH aims to let people manage their own sale process. On average, the typical fsboTECH.com Seller will keep 6% more of their money in the sale, since no real estate agents are involved in the sale.


The goal of fsboTECH is to empower end-users to do their own real estate deals. We understand that tools are necessary to do it correctly, so we are giving you those tools here on fsboTECH.com. But, real estate transactions do not need to be messy and complicated, they can be straightforward business transactions using simple, powerful, on-line tools provided to you here on fsboTECH.com.