Selling Your Home in This Summer
August 17, 2018

It’s summer and very hot here in the Valley. The thought of doing anything other than finding a swimming pool is not very inviting. So, although you would like to move to a different house, you might be putting it off because you think it’s too much work. Think again.

Not only can selling your own home be easy you can do it all on your own. With fsboTECH the entire process of being a “For Sale By Owner” is automated, easy, and produces great results. We will give you tips on how to organize your house for selling (see our other Blogs), arrange to have our photographer take photos of your home, post a stylish 6 foot yard sign for you in your yard, get you listed up on the MLS and posted to lots of other internet sites, and provide you all the documentation you will need to close the deal on your home sale.

Selling your home yourself is also very financially rewarding. Just by eliminating a listing agent (i.e. a real estate agent representing the seller), you will save yourself the 3% commission. That 3% commission comes right out of the price of your home and you, as the seller, must pay this fee. That’s $12,000 that is paid to ‘your’ agent if your home sells for $400,000.

Will your agent do $12,000 worth of work for you when we all know that buyers are finding their own homes on-line these days?

To top it off, if you agree to pay a buyer’s agent a commission, you will be paying another $12,000 in commission when your home sells. That’s a total of $24,000 you’ve just given up to the real estate agents. By selling your home yourself, you keep that money and have more money either in your pocket or available to put into your next home.

So don’t get scared by the real estate agents who tell you how difficult it is to sell your home yourself. When you have the tools, it is very simple. After all, you’ve bought and sold other expensive things like cars, boats, jewelry. Did you need an “agent” to help you with those transactions? Of course not.

Once you and the buyer reach agreement on the price and terms, the other agencies do all the work for you. The title company will ensure that you have good title to your property and the escrow company will file all the necessary paperwork to ensure your transaction is legal and recorded. You make the deal, the others will do the work for you. Those others will cost you hundreds, not thousands of dollars like a real estate agent.

So, save yourself some money and sell your own home!

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