Tips for “For Sale By Owner” Sellers
August 21, 2018

When you sell your home yourself, you will need to go through the exact same steps you would need to do if you employed a real estate agent. The only difference is that you will be saving lots of money when you do it yourself instead of at the direction of an agent. Typically, a listing agent will charge you 3% of your sales price, so you can see how your payment to an agent will quickly erode your hard-earned equity in your home.

So, do these things and save yourself thousands of dollars:

1. Get your home ready for sale.

Inside and out. That means look around with a critical eye and fix those things you have been overlooking for months or years. Replace old fixtures, clean the carpet (or better yet, lose the carpet and add more desirable wood, laminate, or tile), paint the inside, fix any leaks or evidence of prior leaks if you have fixed the problem, repair tiles that are cracked on the roof, etc. etc. Have a trusted friend give you an honest opinion of how things look and work to correct things that are broken, look old/dated, are dirty, or look out-of-place.

2. Next, get ready for pictures and showings.

That means de-clutter. Get everything off of countertops, tables, coffee tables, vanities, etc. Think of how model homes look. Very simple and clean. Put away all family photos. They mean a lot to you, but get in the way of a buyer bonding with a home. You can bring them out in your new place.

3. Keep it up.

Be sure your home is beautiful when a buyer drives up. Keep the grass in perfect condition and that pool sparkling. Hire a weekly cleaning service to keep the inside spotless. Remember, you are saving thousands on real estate agent fees, so you can afford a cleaning person for the few weeks your house may be on the market.

4. Sign up with a service like fsboTECH to help you sell on your own, while maintaining complete control of the whole transaction.

Here are some of the things provided by fsboTECH for $159 to get you going:

  1. Be available for showings by agents or put a lockbox on the front door so people can see your property on their schedule. Be flexible and patient. Buying a house takes some people a bit of time, so be patient.

  2. Be ready to negotiate your best deal. You are in charge of your sale so you should be in control. Using an on-line system like fsboTECH allows a point-and-click Offer and Counter-offer process that easy and simple to understand.

  3. Sign the Purchase Agreement with your buyer and let our Title and Escrow companies do all the required paperwork and filings. Sit back, you’re finished!!

Go ahead, you’ve got this. Give it a try, you just might save yourself enough money by selling your house on your own that you can reward yourself with a fancy vacation!

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