Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know how to price my home?
  • When you are ready to feature your property on, simply enter the address of your property
  • Immediately properties in a 5 mile radius will be pulled and sorted by price, giving you a map of your area and graphic of prices from high to low price. You can simply place your cursor over a home on the map and it will display the number of bedrooms, bathrooms and square footage of the home. Maybe it’s like your home, maybe not. You can decide if it’s comparable to your home.
  • Set your price with confidence, since you now know exactly what has recently sold in your immediate neighborhood.
What do I need to do to get ready to have my property photographed?
  • To make your property most appealing, think DE-CLUTTER. Your countertops should be almost bare, your tables should have only some pretty fresh flowers, all beds should be carefully made, and everything should be CLEAN.
  • Even if you have to fill up your closets, get rid of almost everything that isn’t furniture. Take down ALL family pictures (and keep them down while selling your home).
  • Make the view of your home that people see from the street especially appealing by sprucing up your landscaping, add some colorful flowers, and wash all walkways, windows, and doors.
  • The day of the photo shoot turn on all lights. Be sure to have extra light bulbs on hand to replace any burned out bulbs. Open all blinds and shades for the most light.
Do I have to have an Open House? Do I have to use your people to co-host an Open House?
  • No, you don’t have to have any Open Houses, but they are a good way to show off your home to people out looking for property. And, you don’t have to use our people to co-host either.
  • Having some personnel available to help you with an Open House is a service we offer for free to our users. You can feel more secure when you have another person there with you talking about the great features of your home and neighborhood.
  • But, book early because our resources are limited and those that book early will have a better chance of getting a co-host to help out at the Open House.
  • Don’t forget to sign up for the ‘pop-up’ feature which will give your home extra visibility when people are searching for Open Houses!
Can I add other services (like a lockbox or a full marketing plan) later, after my initial photos have been taken?
  • Yes, you can add additional features at any time. Please know, however, if the service involves an additional trip to your property, a ‘trip fee’ of $30 will be added to your total. Many additional services will not involve a trip to your property, so there will be no trip fee for those.
What if I list my house on fsboTECH and then change my mind, can I get my money back?
  • If you change your mind before your professional photographs have been taken and your yard sign installed, we will refund your $159 fee in full. There is no refund after photos have been taken, but you can remove your listing from our site at any time by simply logging in, navigating to the My Listing page, and clicking on Remove.
Can I put my listing on a temporary hold and then go back in and reactivate it later?
  • Yes! Simply make your way to “Step 1” of the process to sell your home, go to the “Status” bar in the lower right area of the screen and click on it. There, you will see your property will default to “Listed”, but you can change that to “Not Listed” and your listing will not appear on the site. Go back into that same screen when you are ready to have it “Listed” again.
I'm More of a Visual Learner. Do you have some instructional videos I can watch?
Do I have to select one of fsboTECH’s Preferred title and escrow companies?
  • No, you can select any title and escrow company you would like. However, our preferred companies are committed to giving you the highest customer service and will help you with any issues you may encounter in putting this sale together on your own. They understand fsboTECH’s Purchase Contract and are ready to answer any and all of your questions.
  • The fees charged by our preferred title and escrow companies are in line with any other company in the market. We selected them because of their superior customer service but you will find their fees as competitive as anyone.
Do I even need title insurance?
  • Yes, title insurance is a good idea. First of all, most lenders will require it. Title insurance assures that you are aware of any and all liens and encumbrances on the property, so that you can have those cleared before you purchase it. Title insurance can save you from big headaches and surprises as it relates to the holding of title for your property.
As a Seller, what do I need to disclose to the Buyer about my property? How do I do that?
  • Failure to disclose material facts or defects about your property could land you in court. Anything that you know about your property that is important should be disclosed. You are not required to investigate or look for problems, but if you know about something, err on the side of disclosure.
  • fsboTECH has a simple one-page disclosure form which lists broad categories. You should carefully consider each category, disclose things you know, and give the disclosure to the Buyer. You can even complete the Disclosure Form before a sale is finalized, adding to it as you think of other things, and then it will be all ready to give to the Buyer once you have a deal. Click here for the Disclosure Form.
I need to make some additions to the Purchase Agreement because we want to be sure some items are included in the sale. How do I do that?
  • If you need to make any changes or clarifications to the Purchase Agreement, simply use the ‘Addendum to Purchase Contract’ form that you will find in our Forms section. Once both parties sign the Addendum, send it to your escrow company and the changes/clarifications will be handled by them.
Do I need a lawyer to review the Purchase Agreement before I sign it and it gets sent to the title and escrow company?
  • The Purchase Agreement available on the site has been drafted by and reviewed by attorneys in Arizona and meets all the requirements of a binding contract. Of course, you are free to consult an attorney at any time, but fsboTECH is focused on saving you money in your real estate transaction and lawyers can cost you a lot of money!
There aren’t a lot of properties listed on How come?
  • This website was just launched in the greater Phoenix market in late March, 2017. We are building inventory and need Sellers to list with us. So, if you know anyone who is interested in selling their home, please refer them to us.
  • To show our commitment to the Valley, we are offering our services FREE to the first 50 Sellers who close escrow. Your initial $159 fee will be returned to you in escrow. No fee to list, no fee to use our area comparables, no fee for helping you host Open Houses, no fee period. So, go ahead, jump in and see how fast you can sell your home on your own.
Buying and selling on seems so easy. What am I missing?
  • Nothing! Buying and selling has become very complicated largely because it supports a huge industry of real estate agents and brokers. Your transaction is personal, involving cherished property and a motivation to transfer that property to a new owner. We provide you the tools to get your deal done. It’s that simple and, yes, it really is that easy!
What do I do if a real estate agent brings in an offer on my property using the Realtor © Purchase Contract?
  • You are excited because you have a potential buyer! But, then a real estate agent presents you with a 10 page document, full of legal jargon, that is a Contract disguised as an offer. It’s simple: tell the buyer/buyer’s agent that you are accepting offers on’s website and direct them to use our simple process for submitting an offer. Tell them that you will either accept or issue a counter-offer to their offer made on If you have agreed to pay the buyer’s agent any commission, be sure that is included in the offer so that it will make its way to the final Purchase Agreement if both parties get that far. Even if your property was listed on MLS, you DO NOT have to use those long and confusing forms used by the Realtor © community. We want everyone to completely understand the sale, so we have worked hard to simplify the process for you. Just tell them to log-in and submit their offer right on
What is the MLS and is it included if I put my home on fsboTECH?
  • MLS is the "multiple listing service" that is owned and run by the real estate industry. Technically, only real estate agents have access to the MLS, but an agent can set up a program to send you properties to view based on filters you have established, like "in zip code 85268" or "4 bedrooms 4 baths", etc. But, be careful, they will then be "your agent" and will want their commission in any deal you enter. We will put you on the MLS at fsboTECH, no strings attached. No commissions, no fees. Just purchase our basic service and we will throw in MLS for free. And, your property will then be fed out to countless other sites like Zillow, Realtor, Trulia, Homes, etc. Click here for more information on getting your property listed on the MLS .
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