To MLS? Or Not-to MLS?

First of all, what is MLS? MLS stands for “Multiple Listing Service” and is a database of properties posted by real estate agents. Technically, only real estate agents can access the MLS. Why? Because that is where the industry discloses how much commission an agent will make if they sell the particular property they are viewing. Wouldn’t want buyers to actually know how much extra is built into the price of the home they will buy because of agent commissions, huh? Not very transparent.

So, if you intend to sell your property on your own, why would you ever want to be listed on the MLS?

This is important:
MLS listings are much more important than just letting the real estate agents know that your property is for sale. As soon as your property is on MLS, it is automatically picked up by dozens of other websites. Do you browse around on Zillow? They get your property information directly from your MLS listing. Prefer to look around on or Redfin? They get their information from your MLS listing too. How about other real estate sites and even local sites like They too get their information fed directly into their site from the MLS.

So, in order to get the exposure you need to get your property in front of potential buyers, you should definitely consider having a MLS listing. And here’s the good news: now, you can get on the MLS without having to have a real estate agent list your property for you (and become your listing agent to the tune of 3% of the sales price of your home). That’s right! Get your property listed on the MLS, but stay in control of your own sale (and pocket that 3% the listing agent would have cost!)

How, you ask? Take advantage of fsboTECH’s limited time FREE MLS listing. That’s right, FREE! Just purchase our basic package of 20 professional photos, a stylish yard sign, access to area comparable sales numbers, help with Open Houses, a point-and-click Offer and Counter-offer system, all legal documentation in simple language to complete your sale, and automatic transfer of documents to escrow when you have a deal in place, all for only $159. Then, we will throw in the MLS listing for FREE. Your MLS listing will be valid for one year, but you will likely sell your property long before the listing expires. See our Pricing tab for more information.)

Let’s get selling. Where else can you get all that help to sell on your own, plus a free MLS listing? You don’t even need to think of it as being on the MLS…..think of it as the mechanism to get your property out to dozens of websites so that buyers can find you. Sure, if an agent wants to bring a client to your property, that is fine too. You decide if and how much you are willing to pay a buyer’s agent when we set up the MLS listing for you. You can change that at any time too, if you decide to pay more or less to a buyer’s agent. Or, you can tell your buyer to pay their own agent! It’s completely up to you.

Here’s all you need to do: log into fsboTECH and click on the “Sell Your Home” button at the top right. You will go through 6 easy steps to describe your property, set the price, schedule photos (you will be contacted by our photographer and you can pick the date), decide if you’d like to schedule an Open House (you can come back to that later if you are not ready to schedule now), and decide if you’d like to purchase any additional services (like drone photography of your house, extra photos, a deluxe marketing package, etc.). Then, at Step 6, click on the “MLS Listing” and you will see that your fee is $0. You will sign a Limited Representation form and then you can proceed to Step 7, the final step, for payment and you are finished! Your property will immediately go live on the fsboTECH site and will go live on MLS within 48 hours. From there, your MLS listing will be picked up by Zillow, Realtor, Homes, Redfin and many, many others. Happy selling! And get that FREE MLS listing while it lasts.