Why Should I Feature My Home On fsboTECH?

Here are a few of the things you get when you advertise your property on fsboTECH:

  • Area Comparables
    Area Comparables

    Help in setting your sales price: Area Comparables. Access to state-of-the art demographic and statistical information to help you set the best price for your home

  • Exposure, Exposure!
    Exposure, Exposure!

    When you buy our Basic Package for $159, we will throw in a MLS listing for FREE.  With your MLS listing, your property will get pushed out to Zillow, Realtor, Homes, Redfin, and dozens of other internet real estate sites. So, your property will be all over the internet, attracting buyers from anywhere in the country!

  • Professional Photos
    Professional Photos

    Bring your home to life with professional photographs for posting on our site as well as the dozens of other sites your home will go to once we put you on MLS. Go ahead, show off your beautiful home with beautiful photography!

And Let’s Not Forget The Money

And Let’s Not Forget The Money

You know your home better than anyone. You know all of its best features. So, why should you pay 6% to a real estate agent when we have made the buying and selling of real estate so easy that you can do it on your tablet, phone, or computer with our platform? Come on, give it a try and save yourself some money.

Simple Point and Click Process

Once you register, it’s a simple 6 step process to get your property listed. When a Buyer finds your property here (or on other sites we feed your listing to like Zillow and Trulia) you will negotiate here, get a Purchase Agreement here, and with the touch of a button send your paperwork over to your selected escrow company. Simple.

Seller Checklist

You will have access to our very own "Seller Checklist" to help you navigate selling your home.
It is in a convenient check-box format, so once you have checked the box, you can rest easy that things are moving along.

Your home listed on fsboTECH.com website as well as many others

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